As a coach, Peter works with teams, leaders, and individual instructors to develop strengths and face challenges. 


Peter has worked with many different kinds of teams. In different roles as leader, researcher, and coach, he has worked with team-based interdisciplinary programs, Professional Learning Communities, inquiry groups, academic departments, distributed leadership teams, task forces and core teams. As a coach, Peter's goal is to help teams align their activities with their stated purpose. 

Peter has an uncanny knack for engaging groups and challenging them to dig deeper, look further, and dream bigger. While working with our cohort, the room’s energy was palpable as he ever so gently pushed us to consider not just who and what we are, but what we could become. Weaving together his expansive research, knowledge, humor, playfulness, and insights he was able to help our group create the beginnings of something beautiful as we go forward in our work together.
— The Rev. Dr. Andrew T. Kort, Sr. Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, Indiana


Peter loves collaborating with teachers to improve teaching. Some recent feedback praised Peter's ability to get a group of faculty members "engaged" and "participating" during a group session in ways that the respondent had never seen before. A teacher-leader, trainer, and mentor since 2000, Peter is equally comfortable coaching departments or individual staff members who need extra support.

Peter Horn took the time to truly find out what our teachers needed to move their instruction.
— Kelly Douglas-Jackson, Principal, Academy for Performing Arts, Union County Vocational-Technical Schools
I know first-hand that Dr. Horn’s impressive academic background, talents as a scholar, and decades of practical teaching experience make him a truly outstanding mentor.
— Ryan Daly, Teacher, Westfield High School  


Leadership requires skills in many domains. You need to understand policy as well as people, and you need to know what inspires (as well as what inhibits) the pursuit of excellence in your organization. In schools, you’ve also got to mind curriculum, instruction, and kids. Peter can help you identify and focus on the most important aspects of your work.

I have been in public education for 40 years. I have worked with many excellent teachers and administrators. Peter Horn is among the finest, the best: an outstanding educator, leader, visionary, mentor to teachers, and champion of the rights of all students to be educated in a safe, respectful school environment that challenges them to be critical thinkers and responsible citizens.
— Maureen Mazzarese, Director of Counseling, Westfield Public Schools