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Peter genuinely understands the transformative power of practitioner research and embraces an inquiry stance as an integral aspect of his daily practice as an education professional. His capacity to employ data-driven evidence in service to critical reflection is extraordinary. He is a wonderful thought partner to have as part of your team and is especially gifted when it comes to empowering student voices of marginalized populations.
— Dale Schmid, Ed.D., Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator and Educational Program Development Specialist, New Jersey Department of Education
Peter Horn has the DNA-chain for observing, relating, reflecting, and effecting. His classroom experience, research, and entrepreneurial school focus make a powerful combination. He will get a quick and accurate sense of your school, and report to you and your faculty with insightful observations while also recognizing what their strengths and successes are.
— Peter A. Quinn, Thomas DeGray Head of School, Peddie School
Peter Horn is a talented leader, thinker and professional developer. His capacity to deeply understand an issue, to identify the possible solutions, and to support smart implementation of a plan is remarkable. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.
— Errick L. Greene, Ed.D. Chief of Schools, Tulsa Public Schools, Oklahoma
Peter Horn took the time to truly find out what our teachers needed to move their instruction. Peter developed a personalized PD program of well-organized workshops for department members from five different schools.
— Kelly Douglas-Jackson, Principal, Academy for Performing Arts, Union County Vocational-Technical Schools
When I hired Peter Horn, I was tremendously satisfied with his level of expertise. The tables he produced to display my data were pure genius! Not only is he very knowledgeable in data analysis, he is kind and he listens.
— Adrienne Noakes, Ed. D., Culture and Climate Dean of Students, Miner Elementary School, Washington, D.C.


k-12 teacher-leaders

For the first time in my years here, you got most of the department both engaged and participating. Yes, we are all skilled professionals, but teachers can sometimes be the worst students, and that has happened on the rare occasions when we got together as a department, so kudos to you. How’d you do it? I think showing us that ‘data’ could be something beyond numbers was great. It helped soften the humanities bias against ‘data-driven’ approaches.
— Feedback from a high school teacher in New Jersey
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. The content was very interesting, and I especially enjoyed the Construct Overlap for Teaching Behaviors. You definitely gave me a lot to think about and reflect on. Thanks for presenting such relevant information.
— Email from an elementary school teacher
It felt like the first real inclusive district discipline meeting we have had in two years.
— Feedback from a high school teacher in New Jersey