A seasoned presenter to large audiences, Peter Horn also develops dynamic workshops for smaller groups.

All programs are customized to the needs of the client. Sample topics:


Whether our goal for kids is better participation in the classroom community or global citizenship, students need to know how to discuss difficult topics respectfully. Some of Peter’s ideas on this topic were translated for use in the 2016 Concours, the national teachers exam of France.

If you wish to hear platitudes spiced with alt-facts and sautéed in high saccharine content, seek help elsewhere. If you wish to be intrigued, engaged, maybe unsettled and then ignited a bit, Peter Horn will assuredly serve you and your educational spirit well.
— Michael C. Johanek, Ed.D. Director, Mid-Career Program in Educational Leadership, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania


Missing Voices: What Kids Can Teach Us About School

Schools almost universally declare students to be at the center of their mission, but almost as universally fail to ask students what they think about school. What are the reasons for this tradition—and how can we correct it? Peter outlines his research on how students have described some of the best teachers in NJ. Participants are invited to share their own practices and questions about student feedback.

Peter Horn’s engaging presentations have both ‘steak’ and ‘sizzle.’ He is an expressive, genuine, and thoughtful speaker, comfortable with topics that allow both his humor and intellect to truly shine.
— Holly Logue, Professor of Theatre, Kean University


Supporting LGBTQ Students in your school

Over the decade that Peter Horn coordinated a school-based Gay-Straight Alliance, he worked with numerous groups of faculty and students on how best to support LGBTQ students, twice providing workshops to New Jersey’s Law-Related Education Conference.

Peter Horn understands that people having their say in a well-facilitated way is key for vibrant teaching and learning in classrooms and other public spaces.
— Emily Style, Founding Co-Director, National SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Project